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Student Webpages

Student Webpages are here - digital versions of your lesson-plan logs (on the left side of the screen.) And, on the right side of the screen - individual student Soundcloud playlists, or, digital approximations of the dreaded guitar recital. And, unlike the once-a-year recital, we can post performances whenever we please; friends/fans/family can listen whenever they please; and the student posts only the performances it pleases them to post! Currently, Student Webpages are hidden from the menu (this may change should it become a popular request), but all you have to do to access yours is type in your chosen page name after the "rwguitar.moonfruit.com/" address. For example, if my chosen page-name was just my regular name, I'd type in: "rwguitar.moonfruit.com/rickwiden." Simple, right? Feel free to email or call me anytime with questions or desired modifications to your page.


Below the dotted line is an example of what your student web page might look like:


Joe Student's Student Page