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INTRO - Welcome to Rick Widen's Guitar Studio Webpage. Currently Rick has openings at the Mount Olivet School Of Music Mondays through Thursdays. For more information about current availability, call the school at 612-767-2262. Friday home studio lessons are also available (off 40th and 3rd Ave S), and travel-to-you lessons are also available by calling Rick's cellphone at 612-807-0377.


LESSONS - Lessons consist of Ear Training, Improv/Jamming/Songwriting skills, and learning popular guitar Riffs/Changes/Parts, and, if the interest exists, Note Reading and Classical. Rick also transcribes songs students want to learn, but can't find on sheet music or internet tabs (as there can be limited availability in the realm of new pop/rock sheet music, and as half of the internet tab out there can contain errors, though it is getting better...) All in all, Rick prefers to teach what the student WANTs to learn, but if they're not quite sure what that is, he helps them figure it out.


MAKE-UPS - To be guaranteed a make-up lesson, Rick should be notified a day in advance by 10pm, though many day-of notifications are still rescheduled, depending on the availability of teacher and student.

Mount Olivet School of Music Important Dates:


Week of January 29- First week of spring semester

March 27-April 2 Spring Break (no lessons on April 2)

Week of May 14- Last week of spring semester

Week of May 21- Recital and make-up week

Week of June 11- Summer Session begins.

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