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Rick Widen graduated in 2003 from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BA in Music, and a minor in Philosophy. He's taught guitar at the Mount Olivet School of Music in Minneapolis since graduation. Rick plays around town in 3 bands and also does the occasional Musical Pit Orchestra and Wedding gig. He also taught at Dayjams Rock Music camp in St. Paul for the five summers of its existence. Here are some links to Rick's musical projects:





TonalTrends.com: Rick's songwriting and theory vlog about why Chord Types, BMPs, Key Signatures, and other aspects of Music Theory are cool.

Brian Just Band: Rick's band that gets played on 89.3 the Current sometimes, why not phone in and request a song?

Como Avenue Jug Band: Rick's band that has won both the Pancake and Waffle Trophies at the prestigious Annual Battle of the Jug Bands.

Tuesdays Robot: Rick's band where he wrote and sang all the tunes, music available here:



Musicals: Nowadays, Rick mostly writes tunes for Musicals. One day he will follow in the footsteps of Ropert Lopez and win the E.G.O.T.! Here is a link to Rick's musical projects big and small:

Four Pints Shy: Rick's Irish band mostly plays Irish Bars, Renaissance Festivals, and Weddings.


Guitarate.com: Rick's Guitar Curriculum website, a resource for teachers and self-teachers alike!